Marc Hoffing

Marc Hoffing, MD, MPH, is medical director for Desert Oasis Healthcare. As medical director, he provides strategic direction and leadership across all medical and non-medical areas of the organization. His primary responsibility is to continue to find new and innovative ways to provide Desert Oasis patients with the most efficient and cost effective health care while maintaining the highest caliber team of dedicated medical professionals to provide that care.

Dr. Hoffing joined Desert Oasis Healthcare in 1992. He has more than 20 years experience in medicine and medical management, and has been instrumental in guiding the patient- and community-centric focus of Desert Oasis for the last 15 years. He has also played a major role in the growth and development of the organization. Prior to joining Desert Oasis, Dr. Hoffing served as a staff physician and as an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center, Department of Medicine.

Dr. Hoffing is board certified in internal medicine. He earned his Bachelor of Arts and medical degrees from the University of Illinois, and completed his residency in general internal medicine at the UCLA Medical Center. He also earned a Master of Public Health degree from UCLA. Dr. Hoffing is committed to improving access to high quality health care, and has served on numerous committees including the Health Net Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and the Aetna Quality Management Committee.

Marc Hoffing, Medical Director, Desert Oasis Healthcare