Identification: Uncovering America's Most Valuable Care

A partnership between Stanford University's Clinical Excellence Research Center and the Peterson Center on Healthcare

We know there is excellence in the U.S. healthcare system, as some physicians and hospitals are delivering higher quality care at a lower cost. We partnered with Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) to find these high-performance providers, understand what is working, and validate their results.

Under a grant from the Center, CERC reviewed national quality and cost data, and identified 11 primary care practices that are delivering exceptional value—higher quality at significantly less cost—to their patients. These providers of Most Valuable Care (MVPs) have defined a path toward better, more affordable healthcare. They have key features in common, which can serve as a blueprint for others to achieve high performance.

In addition to primary care, CERC is seeking out similar insights about high-performing specialists and hospitals that improve quality and reduce costs. We will be working in partnership with Stanford and a network of other stakeholders to disseminate these features and accelerate their adoption on a national scale.

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Executive Summary

With total spending at approximately $3.7 trillion a year, or 18 percent of the U.S. economy, America’s healthcare system is the most expensive in the world.

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America's Most Valuable Care

Increasing the quality and decreasing the cost of U.S. healthcare is important for many reasons, including improving Americans’ quality of life and strengthening the economy.

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Exploring Attributes of High-Value Primary Care

Thirteen specific attributes of care delivery can improve the quality of care while lowering costs, according to new research from Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center.

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Primary Care Snapshots

There are “bright spots” in the healthcare system—healthcare providers in communities large and small who are consistently delivering better value: high-quality care at a lower-than-average total cost.

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Characteristics of High-Value Providers

See the 10 features of primary care sites that consistently delivered exceptional value to their patients.

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What Most Valuable Care Providers Are Saying

What the providers of America’s most valuable care are saying about how they provide high-value care to their patients.

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