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Our Vision

Make the vision of better care for lower cost a reality.

Background and History

The Peterson Center on Healthcare was founded in 2014 after the Peter G. Peterson Foundation’s research identified healthcare as a sector in need of improvement. Although the U.S. healthcare system is the most expensive in the world, health outcomes are no better than those of other countries, and healthcare expenditures are projected to climb.

A private nonprofit foundation headquartered in New York, the Peterson Center on Healthcare is wholly dedicated to making the vision of better care for lower cost a reality. By discovering and spreading the adoption of breakthrough innovations that significantly improve healthcare outcomes and lower costs for individuals, providers and payers, the organization advances its mission every day.

The Center collaborates with key strategic partners in the provider, employer and state/community segments to identify proven high-impact solutions that lower cost and improve care, and facilitate their rapid and broad-scale adoption.

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