America's Most Valuable Care: Primary Care Snapshots

There are “bright spots” in the healthcare system—healthcare providers in communities large and small who are consistently delivering better value: high-quality care at a lower-than-average total cost. In early 2013, the Peterson Center on Healthcare, established by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) set out to find these high-value providers through a systematic analysis of commercial insurance data that had never been done before. Through this approach, 11 primary care practices were identified as “positive outliers” for the value—higher quality at significantly lower cost—of the care they provide.

The CERC team first looked at single- and multi-specialty U.S. physician practices with at least two clinicians providing primary care. They narrowed the list to those whose performance on quality measures landed them in the top 25 percent. These quality measures were predominantly sourced from HEDIS (Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set)—a universally recognized set used by more than 90 percent of U.S. health plans for assessing quality. Researchers then eliminated all sites where total annual per capita health spending by commercial health insurers did not also fall into the lowest 25 percent—after adjustments to reflect the severity of illness of their patients.

Fewer than five percent of the roughly 15,000 sites assessed by the CERC team ranked in both the top quartile on quality and the bottom quartile on costs. Of these, the CERC team conducted a series of in-depth site visits to a sample of the highest performing sites and a sample from sites near the center on cost and quality. An expert clinical panel, blinded to the cost and quality claims data analysis, selected the following sites as providers of Most Valuable Care:

Banner Health Clinic - Phoenix, AZ

Banner Health Clinic is part of Banner Medical Group, a group of more than 1,500 physicians and more than 3,300 total employees in six states.

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Baptist Medical Group - Memphis, TN

Originally established by two primary care physicians on staff, the practice joined the Baptist Medical Group in 2012 and has retained substantial autonomy over operations.

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Family Physicians Group - Kissimmee, FL

The Kissimmee site is one of 26 Family Physician Group sites in the Orlando area.

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Florida Medical Clinic - Zephyrhills, FL

Florida Medical Clinic Internal Medicine-Zephyrhills has been part of the Florida Medical Clinic system since 1993.

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Northwest Family Physicians - Crystal, MN

Northwest Family Physicians is an independent family practice group with three sites located in suburban Minneapolis.

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Ridgewood Med-Peds - Rochester, NY

Ridgewood Med-Peds is an independent, physician-owned primary care clinic that provides care to a relatively healthy population of families.

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South Cove Community Health Center - Quincy, MA

South Cove Community Health Center serves a predominantly Asian immigrant population of roughly 30,000 patients from throughout the Boston area.

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St. Jude Heritage Medical Group - Yorba Linda, CA

The Yorba Linda practice is one of six St. Jude Heritage Medical Group sites throughout Southern California.

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SureCare Medical Center - Springboro, OH

SureCare Medical Center is one of more than 60 Premier Health system primary care and after-hours sites in southwestern Ohio.

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TriHealth West Chester Medical Group - West Chester, OH

Located in suburban Cincinnati, this practice was established more than 30 years ago by the most senior physician in the group.

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USAA Health Services - San Antonio, TX

Located on the campus of the United Services Automobile Association’s headquarters, USAA Health Services has served the company’s 14,000-plus employees for more than 10 years.

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