Replication: Prototyping for Scale

The results of our research with Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center identified both high-performing practices across the country, and the features that drive that performance. The multi-year research project demonstrated how high-performing practices successfully manage the clinical and administrative components of care delivery, making them “America’s Most Valuable Care” providers. With that in mind, we have deployed a team of experts in practice improvement, systems engineering, change management, patient engagement and data analysis to:

  • Demonstrate the replicability of the model,
  • Understand how to measure implementation of the model, and
  • Catalogue how practices transform.

Replication: Prototyping for Scale


As we learn how practices adopt the model, we are actively prototyping a change package that incorporates the processes and tools they use in their own transformation.

With the right architecture in place, we can learn rapidly, deploy and refine the change package at an increasing number of practices in an increasing variety of contexts. We can finally use the variation in healthcare as an advantage.

Limited Market Test: Our Initial Replication Effort

Before we can begin spreading and scaling a model of high-performance primary care, we must first determine whether or not it can be replicated.

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