Site Profile: Essentia Health-Moorhead Clinic


Location: Moorhead, MN
Practice Type: One of 68 primary care clinics owned by the Essentia Health System
Primary Care Providers: 10 providers
Reimbursement Model: Fifty percent fee-for-service, 50 percent value-based reimbursement

The Moorhead Clinic is part of Essentia Health, an integrated health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Idaho. Essentia began fully integrating operations in the summer of 2010, bringing together the resources of its member organizations—SMDC Health System, Innovis Health, Brainerd Lakes Health and the Essentia Institute of Rural Health.

The Moorhead Clinic is made up of six physicians and four advanced practitioners, including two physician assistants, one certified nurse practitioner and one doctor of nursing practice. They have one physician who does OB deliveries and another provider who provides hospital coverage. The practice offer same-day appointments.

Prioritized Modules for Practice Transformation


What is a module?

A module is a project a practice undertakes based on the priorities it has identified. Each module contains a set of highly-specified end-states against which practice teams self-assess and develop work plans to fulfill based on their own contexts.

Delegating Administrative and Clinical Tasks

By reorganizing its care teams and workload, the practice reduced the amount of time its providers spent on administrative and lower-level clinical tasks—allowing them more time to care for their most complex patients.

Working in Dedicated Care Teams

The practice worked with system leadership to modify its staffing model so that each physician has at least one licensed practical nurse as part of his or her dedicated care team. Care team members will have clear lines of accountability and a collective responsibility for a defined panel of patients.

Dyad Leadership

The practice and system leadership have examined its on-site leadership structure and needs. They made modifications to best implement change modules to efficiently manage nursing and support staff.

A Practice-Wide Approach to Access for Empaneled Patients

The practice assessed how it can realign care delivery and team resources so that physicians can spend more time with high-need patients and that all patients can see their own providers more consistently.