Primary Care

The Center’s mission is to identify and validate models of care that improve quality at significantly lower cost and reduce the amount of time it takes to spread these models through the healthcare system. Our entry into healthcare transformation is also the entry point for many Americans into the healthcare system: primary care.

Through research conducted by Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center, we have identified 10 distinguishing features of primary care practices that deliver higher-quality care at a lower-than-average total cost. These exemplary practices not only have higher quality outcomes, they have patients who are highly satisfied with the care they receive, and have high-functioning teams who are deeply satisfied in their work.

The first phase in the Center’s methodical approach to achieving scale is what we call a Limited Market Test (LMT), where we are working with three average-performing primary care practices to determine the replicability of these features. We expect the LMT to result in a refined change package that will guide future practices more rapidly through the implementation process.

When this phase is complete, we will expand to a larger number of practices to further test and refine our processes and tools. We will also develop a deeper understanding of the return on investment healthcare providers can expect in improved quality of care, patient satisfaction, team engagement and total cost of care.

Identification: Uncovering America's Most Valuable Care

We have teamed up with Stanford University’s Clinical Excellence Research Center to identify physicians and hospitals that deliver exceptional value.

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Replication: Prototyping for Scale

As we learn how practices adopt the model, we are actively prototyping a change package that incorporates the processes and tools they use in their own transformation.

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