What Other Healthcare Leaders Are Saying About the Center's Three-Stage Grant to Identify Healthcare Solutions for High-Need Patients

American Academy of Family Physicians
“Finding better ways to care for high-need patients is a formidable challenge, but successful interventions for these patients can provide insights for the primary care of all Americans. We'll be paying close attention to this new initiative to better unlock the secrets to improving care for this critical patient population." —Douglas E. Henley, MD, FAAFP, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

America’s Essential Hospitals
“Many of the patients our members serve need complex care, which we know can be delivered more effectively. We look forward to this innovative project, which will help us understand variations in the quality and cost of care for high-need patients, and shine a light on promising ideas to better meet their needs.” —Bruce Siegel, MD, MPH, President and CEO

National Quality Forum
“There is tremendous power in convening multiple stakeholders to advance healthcare solutions, and leaders of the Peterson Center on Healthcare are using that approach in their new effort on high-need patients. They have assembled a strong team to identify solutions for patients who urgently need better outcomes at a lower cost.” —Christine K. Cassel, MD, President and CEO

ABIM Foundation
“High-need patients often have several chronic conditions, including congestive heart failure and diabetes. The Peterson Center on Healthcare understands that successfully identifying and spreading solutions that improve quality and remove waste would be not only a tremendous service to these patients, but also to the system as a whole.” —Daniel B. Wolfson, MHSA, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

National Partnership for Women & Families
“High-need patients of all kinds, including Americans who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, are among the nation’s most vulnerable populations so it’s imperative that we build better models of care with these patients in mind at the outset. As the Peterson Center on Healthcare convenes this effort, there is an opportunity for deep engagement and collaboration that could yield significant improvements in in health outcomes and quality of care, while also lowering cost, for people who need it most.” —Debra Ness, President