What We
Are Doing

The mission of the Peterson Center on Healthcare is to transform U.S. healthcare into a high-performance system by finding proven solutions that improve quality and lower costs, and accelerating their adoption on a national scale. We collaborate with key thought leaders and stakeholders across the healthcare industry, including providers, payers, employers, and patient groups.

Addressing Unsustainable Healthcare Costs

The Center is working with key stakeholders in state and local governments to reduce the rate of healthcare cost growth to ensure that people have access to affordable, quality care.

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Building Evidence for Action

To accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions that improve the quality of healthcare and lower costs on a national scale, we must first identify and understand our performance.

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Addressing Shortages and High Prices of Life-Saving Medications

The Peterson Center on Healthcare has committed $15 million to help support Civica Rx, a not-for-profit generic drug company.

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Improving Healthcare for High-Need Patients

Americans deserve a healthcare system that provides high-quality care at a reasonable cost. The current system is failing many people, but especially those who have the greatest health needs and the fewest resources to pay for it.

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Helping Employers Become More Effective Purchasers of Healthcare

Beyond the obvious benefits that good health bestows on individuals, a healthy workforce is a tremendous asset to employers and to society as a whole.

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